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Mega-Blastoise is a Water type Pokemon from the first generation. It's the mega evolution in Blastoise.

About the Pokemon[]

Physical and various attributes

Mega-Blastosie, being a mega evolution, is similar to Blastoise. They share the appearance of a big, blue tortoise with cannons where they shoot water from. However we can notice some differences between the two.

Mega-Blastoise has a single large cannon on his back instead of two small cannons and gains a cannon on each arm.



Mega-Blastoise can be obtained by using a Mega Gem on a level 63 Blastoise. It is the very last form of the Squirtle family, and cannot evolve further.


  • Shield Master: Decreases the opponent's move base power by 30%
  • Expert Rengenerator : Heals the Pokemon 15% of its health and the end of each turn.
  • Water Master: Increases the Pokemon's water type move's base power by 40%.


Normal Form - Mega-Blastoise can only be obtained as a Daily Reward or by evolving a Blastosie

Shiny Form - The Shiny form of Mega-Blastoise can, as the classic one, be only obtained as a Daily Reward, or by evolving a Shiny Blastosie.

Movelist As a Mega-Evolution, Mega-Blastosie has the exact same moveset as Blastoise. Refer to its page to learn about the moveset.

Elemental sensitivity[]


  • x2: Grass and Electric
  • x4: none


  • x0.5: Ice, Steel, Fire, Water
  • x0.25: none


  • none


Statistic Base Parameter Base Parameter (Shiny)
HP 79 98
Attack 103 128
Defense 120 153
Special Attack 135 168
Special Defense 115 143
Speed 78 97

Base statistics total : 630

Base statistics total (shiny) : 784

Strategic tips[]


Mega-Blastoise is best used as a special attacking tank with its high special attack stat, mid level defenses and its abilities shield master and expert regenerator which reduce damage dealt by enemy pokemon and regen Blastoise's health every turn respectively. With it's only weaknesses being electric and grass this poke can live for a while and deal significant damage to opponents.

Proposed Moveset[]

  • Ice Beam
  • Flash Cannon
  • Rest
  • Scald, or Hyper Surf

The goal is to do massive damage with your special attack moves to opponents and use rest when Blastoise gets low on health.

Viable Moves[]

You can replace rest with aqua ring for a quicker healing move since rest takes two turns to use and aqua ring only uses one. You can also use any other special attack move instead of the ones above.

EV Training[]

You want to ev train your Blastoise with 252 evs in Special Attack, 252 evs in hp, and 6 evs in sp defense or defense.